Tracker Trucks Dart SixTrack Truck


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Product Description

The Tracker Trucks Dart SixTrack measures 161mm for pool decks and park decks. Hangar length is 6 3/8-Inch and axle length is 9-Inch. The Tracker Dart model takes it’s design and turn angle from the legendary Tracker’s of the late 1970’s. The Dart is commonly referred to as a medium-height truck, in that the hanger allows for more clearance between the deck and wheel, which in turn means less wheel bite. Turning on the Tracker Dart model has been described as more of a surf feel. Stability at high speeds and aerial re-entry is smooth and predictable. Whether you’re skating backyard pools or kick flipping down a triple set, the Tracker Dart model is a predictable, stable truck that you can trust. Featuring Superball cushions. Single truck.


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