Shortys Skateboards Curb Candy 5 Pack


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This high quality skateboard wax by Shortys Skateboards will keep your favorite curb or rail slick for grinding without chipping your skateboard. Shortys Skateboards Curb Candy Wax is ideal for reducing the friction that can cause damage to your board.Includes: One (1) Shortys Skateboards Curb Candy Wax from Shortys Skateboards. To use: Find your sweet spot on the curb or rail, rub the Shortys Skateboards Curb Candy Wax into the edge of the curb or grinding rail as hard as possible, until you see it start to cake onto the edge. Give it a good covering over the corners, top, and side, covering the entire surface. Grind the surface with your skateboard repeatedly until the wax blends with the surface, making it slick and easy to grind. Remember: property owners and law enforcement often regard waxing curbs as vandalism. So watch what you wax! Also, remember to be careful since your speed will surely increase!


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