Oust Metol Speed Oil


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Oust Met-ol Speed Oil is a synthetic NON-FLAMMABLE ester lubricant. Ideal For: Fishing reels, guns, shotgun chokes, longboard skateboards, street skating, cruisers (Penny boards), inline skates, roller skates, and more. Cleans and lubricates guns, and cleans shotgun chokes without hours of scrubbing and scraping. Soak shotgun choke in Metol over night and residue will flake off leaving chokes looking new. It is a proprietary lubricant manufactured from straight chain carbon molecules with at least 6 carbon atoms being used as a boundary layer lubricant. Under high temperatures created from frictional drag, these molecules form a metallic soap which becomes a tenacious lubricant film of increased viscosity to reduce the wear in the boundary/surface region. NON-TOXIC & NON-FLAMMABLE


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