Oust Bearings Speed Kleen Kit


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Product Description

The Speed Kleen Bearing Wash System* is the fastest method for cleaning bearings with no damage to bearing races or ball retainer. The bearing cleaning kit comes complete with washing container, bearing holder, and orange oil (citrus) cleaning solvent. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Remove bearing seals and shields before use. 2. Stack bearings as seen in the picture. 3. Pour in citrus cleaner. 4. Shake container vigorously for about 1-2 minutes. 5. Remove bearings from container and tap bearings on hard surface to remove all remaining orange cleaner and wipe bearings dry with towel, or dry with hair drier. 6. Optional: Wash bearings in hot water to remove cleaner thoroughly, and repeat step 5. 7. Re-lube after you are done cleaning. Use Oust MET-OL SPEED OIL (sold separately). Made in the USA *Bearings sold separately.


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