Osprey Retro Multi Colored Single Kick Mini Cruiser Skateboard, 28-Inch


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Product Description

The ‘Retro’ Single Kick Mini Cruiser Skateboard comes with more ‘street’ toughened style than the crustiest of gutter punks. The hardy 7 ply Canadian maple deck features Osprey’s heat transferred ‘Retro’ deck print that looks like it could just as easily have been sprayed by a seasoned street artist; with the stenciled Osprey print making this an ideal cruiser board for any budding or seasoned skate rat. The street smarts of this skateboard don’t stop there, the 5 inch heavy duty trucks offer durable stability whilst the risers allow from a more pronounced riding height and help eliminate wheel bite. Green 65mm x 51mm PU cast wheels with a sharp-lip design provide superb grip allowing for harder turns, great for dealing with the day to day slalom course of the concrete jungle. ABEC-9 chrome bearings offer the ‘Retro’ even more speed and coupled with the deck concave and single kick tail, allowing for precise and swift trick execution, this is a high performance skate board built for street rules.


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