Malibu Cruiser Light Penny-style Board 22 Inch (Additional Colors Available)


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Product Description

Malibu Cruiser Complete The spirit of Southern California in a retro Skateboard Malibu Cruiser skateboard pays tribute to the vintage spirit and lifestyle that thrive on the coast of Southern California. Skateboarders started out riding what are affectionately called モPenny Boardsヤ after many years cruising the cities of SoCal, they now enjoy riding their collectible versions, which inspired the Malibu boards today. The Malibu Cruiser features a plastic injection molded deck with grooved tracks that echo a retro lifestyle of SoCal riders. The complete cruiser is outfitted with 59-millimeter 78A PU Tunnel Wheels, 3.125 trucks, and soft 90A bushings. Each cruiser comes with a ‘Malibu Cruiser’ sticker on the deck. Whether its cruising to a skate spot, bombing a hill, getting around town, skating to a bar or riding your way around campus in-between classes, Malibu Cruiser Series Skateboard comes complete and ready to roll and easy to stash it in your backpack, trunk or locker when youメre not skating it.


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