Lakai Men’s Pico Skate Shoe


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The Lakai Pico men’s skate shoes are more than just your run of the mill skate kicks. These are Lakai skate shoes, featuring sleek suede leather and canvas uppers, comfy padding and an all-natural look that form-fits your foot for an increased board feel. Skate in them? Sure. Look freakin’ awesome in them? Absolutely!The Lakai Pico men’s skate shoes offer a tacky rubber outsole for great grip on the board, but if you’re not into skateboarding, don’t feel excluded. The Lakai Pico men’s skate shoes love all, serve all and are ready to help you rock whatever you decide to roll with, even if it’s just a hybrid. After all, who are they to judge your non-skating feet? Enjoy your new favorites in the Lakai Pico men’s skate shoes! Lakai is a California-based footwear manufacturer that creates shoes designed specifically for skateboarding. Professional skateboarders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard founded Lakai in 1999. The Lakai skate team is: Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Brandon Biebel, Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano, Cairo Foster, Jeff Lenoce, Rob Welsh, Mike Mo Capaldi, Vincent Alvarez, Jesus Fernandez, Lucas Puig, JB Gillet, Nick Jensen and Danny Brady. Lakai is part of the Crailtap family, which includes Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Royal Trucks and Fourstar Clothing.


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