Khiro Soft Pivot Bushings SM


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The pivot bushing is a much over looked part of any trucks turning or pivoting capability. A good pivot bushing will also absorb some of the shock your trucks take while skating hard and landing huge tricks. Many truck companies use hard plastic and or inexpensive plastic for their stock pivot bushings. At Khiro, they manufacture their Pivot Bushings with the same highly advanced compounding techniques combined with the best urethane materials to produce the most advanced Pivot bushings in the world. Large and Small sizes available. Use the list below to pick the size that is right for your trucks.TRUCKS / SIZE BEAR GRIZZLY – LARGE BENNETT VECTOR – SMALL ACE TRUCKS – SMALL GULLWING CHARGERS – SMALL DESTRUCTO – SMALL CARVER CX – SMALL GRIND KING – SMALL INDEPENDENT – SMALL RANDAL – RANDAL PIVOT CUPS PARIS – LARGE TRACKER SIX TRACK – LARGE TRACKER FULL TRACK – LARGE TRACKER MID TRACK – LARGE TRACKER RTS – LARGE TRACKER RTX – SMALL THUNDER – SMALL VENTURE – SMALL TENSOR – SMALL


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