JammyPack Sunset Navajo Fanny Pack with Speakers


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JammyPack Sunset Navajo Knit, Hip PackFeatures:ユ JammyPack was born to storm the beaches, conquer mountains, and mob music festivals. LET THERE BE MUSIC. TOGETHER WE ARE LOUD.ユ This years knit aztec comes in the classic Navajo geometrical design in these fresh thunderstorm colors. ユ Maroon, Black, Gold and Blue in an effort to bring you back to the prairie this summer and fall.ユ JammyPacks pump LOUD. We use only the highest-quality, water-resistant, silver stamped magnetic, open source, mini-speakers; boosting 5W of stereo-amplified beats per speaker. Engaging in the highest qualified range; volume with quality.ユ Our uniquely designed, single-volume, balsa wood box construction allows for the perfect balance of volume depth X speaker diameter ratio. Coupled with our 8W internal driver that has been ‘balance engineered’ to distribute a variable range of power to each speaker, preventing blowouts and distortion.


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