Independent Trucks Stage 11 Silver Trucks – Pair


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Product Description

Independent has completely redesigned the Stage 11 Silver Trucks for improved turning and stability, as well as better overall grind clearance. These high-performance trucks are amazing for skating all-terrain features–from street gaps to park rails to backyard pools. They do it all. A slightly re-worked geometry makes the Stage 11 Silver Trucks approximately 1. 5 millimeters higher than the Stage 10 Trucks, yet the weight gain is negligible (two to eight grams, depending on size). This higher truck profile enables smoother turning, improved stability when stomping hard landings, less wheel bite when riding up to 56-millimeter wheels, and improved grind clearance for a longer-lasting pair of trucks. Additionally, the improved ‘No Hang Up Yoke’ won’t catch when you’re laying down Smith and Feeble grinds.


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