Genuine Metal Skateboard and Longboard Professional 4 Spacers & 8 Speed Washers And Bearing Spacers Speed Kit By Supafly Skate Company


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Speed Washers & Bearing Spacers Speed Kit Our Durable and reliable professional speed kit will allow you tensionless speedy riding and will not compress or deform in standard conditions! To make your bearings stress-less, add our premium quality Spacers and washers to your bearings Skateboarding wheels together without the slop; which will provide and make sure the highest performance to your wheels, Longboard trucks and skateboard for a long period of time. Our durable spacers will provide straightness to the BALLS of you wheel & bearings and will increase the frictionless speed of you wheels and it will provide a durability and long-lasting life to your bearings. Alternatively, our 1.2mm premium quality washers (rings), between your bearings and axle nut as well as between the bearings and skateboard hangar, provide you a strong tightness. Overall, our professional speed kit will ensure perfectness and will provide noiseless speed to you skateboards!NEW FEATURES:Reduce friction inside the hub of the bearing by adding durable SPACERS and WASHERS.Make your bearings stress-less and prevent your bearings from exploding or seizing Increase your wheel & speed and bearings & life by adding Professional Speed KitOne pack of professional speed kit (4 Spacers + 8 Washers) is enough for your 4 wheelsHOW TO INSTALL: Put a bearing on the axle Push the wheel onto the axle backwardsPut a washer, bearing, and spacer onto the axle, in that order. Leaving the wheel on the axle, put a washer on the axle. Tighten the nut onto the whole thing, Crank it down to make sure everything is in place – the washers and spacers will prevent any damage from over tightening. Repeat for all 4 wheelsORDER NOW and Get Hardware Skateboard and Downhill Longboards Professional Speed Washer & Spacers


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