FORZA DESIGNS – Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Hanger Shelf


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7 EASY STEPS for a HAPPIER LIFE!!! Guarantee! 1. Click buy, own it and install the skateboard shelf, it only takes minutes. 2. Slide your skateboard in, SHOW IT OFF! 3. SMILE, your skateboard is off the floor. 4. Organize, place your keys, wallet, charge your electronics on the top shelf, and use the bottom hooks to hang your headphones and hoodie. 5. Breathナ Take 2 steps back and a moment to enjoy your skateboard art work. Yes, the wheels face forward, NO dirty walls. 6. Take pictures, share with friends your Forza Designs Skateboard wall mount, and call mom to tell her about your new organization skills, it’ll make her happy [guarantee]. 7. Now that you have all your every day carry in one place and your skateboard always handy by the door, simply slide your skateboard out and conquer the streets. FORZAメS SKATEBOARD WALL MOUNT SHELF comes with an unlimited supply of bragging rights. The ultimate conversation piece as soon as your friends walk in to your home, room or office. FORZAメS SKATEBOARD WALL MOUNT SHELF is made of high quality heavy gauge steel. Power coated with a durable vinyl red finish. Drywall anchors and screws are included. Proudly Made in the USA. IRON CLAD GUARANTEE: No Ifs, Ands or Buts, 100% Satisfaction, as will all FORZA DESIGN PRODUCTS we offer Money-Back Guarantee and OBSESSIVE SUPPORT!!! [[[THANK YOU for buying AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS]]]


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