FanGoods PU Rechargeable Light Up Flashing Wheeled Heel Skate Shoes Led Roller Sneakers


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Tips 1. The size standards of different countries or different manufacturers are different, your foot length is the sole criterion for choosing size. 2. Please check the size table to choose your foot length. If your foot breadth is wider than normal, Please choose one size larger. 3. Measurements are the maximum size, please allow 0.3cm tolerance. Size Chart: US Size 12—-Label size 28—Measurement Inside(cm) 18.5–Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 18 US Size 12.5—-Label size 29—Measurement Inside(cm) 19—-Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 18.5 US Size 13–Label size 30—Measurement Inside(cm) 19.5–Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 19.1 US Size 13.5—-Label size 31—Measurement Inside(cm) 20—-Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 19.5 US Size 1—-Label size 32—Measurement Inside(cm) 20.5–Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 20 US Size 1.5—-Label size 33—Measurement Inside(cm) 21—-Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 20.5 US Size 3—-Label size 34—Measurement Inside(cm) 21.5–Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 21 US Size 3.5—-Label size 35—Measurement Inside(cm) 22.5–Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 22 US Size 4—-Label size 36—Measurement Inside(cm) 23—-Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 22.5 US Size 4.5—-Label size 37—Measurement Inside(cm) 23.5–Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 23 US Size 5.5—-Label size 38—Measurement Inside(cm) 24—-Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 23.5 US Size 6—-Label size 39—Measurement Inside(cm) 24.5–Toe-heel(the length of foot)(cm) 24.1 Package includes 1 Pair of Shoes1 * Charging Cable1 * User Manual


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