Black Edge-3D Bionic Band, XL (8.25 inches)

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Product Description

Imagine you have trillions of protons in your body, and you are consistently being bombarded with thousands of different frequencies. These frequencies come from things such as cell phone towers, power lines, radio and TV stations, computers, and just about anything that you plug into the wall. These frequencies cause the protons in your body to resonate (vibrate) and mimic all of those external frequencies that cause you to become weaker and unbalanced.Think of each one of those protons as a tiny little gyroscope. When they resonate at different frequencies this causes them to spin in all different directions. This means that they are unbalanced and fighting each other, which wastes a lot of energy. Balance is the first thing affected while wearing one of the many BionicBandᆴ Family of Products. When you wear our products, a single frequency that over-rides all the other frequencies is introduced which makes your protons line up and work together as a team. The science used to develop the technology behind BionicBandᆴ is based on, and actually supports, Albert Einsteinメs Nobel Prize-winning particle theory (based on Brownian Motion). Einstein theorized that the random movement of microscopic particles is caused by collisions with molecules that have become excited or agitated and disrupt the particlesメ naturally ordered pattern. This theory explains how EMF radiation coming from cell phones disrupts our bodyメs natural molecular pattern. Several new, independent research studies warn that exposure to EMF radiation generated by cell phone use can cause brain cancer and other serious health risks. As told, about 60 percent of cell phone radiation is absorbed by the userメs head. In 1985 there were less than a half-million cell phones in use. Now, there are more than 5 billion cell phones in use worldwide. Since the effects of EMF radiation occur from prolonged exposure, the resulting consequences on humans are just beginning to be understood.


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