Atlas Truck Co. Ultralight 48 Degree Longboard Trucks – White


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Product Description

Atlas Truck Co. is a company with a design team full of super-geniuses. There are way too many features on these trucks so letメs get straight to it. These Atlas Trucks feature a 8mm axle design and are 20% lighter than Atlas’ original trucks. Atlas is also the first forged truck company to use ball pivots, giving you a smooth and consistent lean and turn. This is a much cleaner and more precise method of producing trucks. So these trucks are very precise and have no slop to them whatsoever. And lastly, they feature a tapered kingpin to ensure a tight fit and no side-to-side slop. Atlas Trucks feature a 3 degree rake hanger with a 48 degree baseplate. So if you’re looking for some more stability, flip your hanger around and you’ll get the feel of a low and stable 45 degree baseplate. How rad is that?! If you’re looking to up your speeds, Atlas Trucks are the ones for you.


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