149 Low Silver Trucks


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Tried and true, the 149 mm Low Silver Trucks from Independent are what you need for low-profile riding and excellent shredding. Independent has spent the bucks and the time to give you lightweight, but highly durable trucks that won’t bog you down and can handle any abuse you throw their way. PRODUCT FEATURES: Stage 11 Indy Lows Iconic Look, Legendary Independent Performance. Indy Lows feature Independent’s newest low hanger design offering superior turn and stability, better grind clearance, and improved No Hang-up yoke for grind tricks like feebles and smiths. Indy Lows set a new standard of performance for low profile trucks. Independent uses only the best materials: 356 T6 Aluminum Hangers and Baseplates, 4140 Chromoly Steel Axles, and Grade 8 Kingpins. Every component has been carefully designed and tested to be responsive, lightweight, and ultra durable. Independent trucks are Made In The USA and Guaranteed For Life Accept No Substitutes. 1TIND0200114900 , independent 149 mm Low Silver Trucks , 149 mm Low Silver Trucks independent , independent trucks 149mm , independent low trucks 149 mm , low trucks independent , skateboard , skateboarding , skate board , skate boarding , skateboard accessories , skateboard equipment , skate board accessories , skate board equipment , skateboard parts , skate board parts , skating , skateboard trucks , skate board trucks , skating trucks


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